5 common mistakes – part 5


5 common mistakes – part 5

  1. Enter ( = go into)

    Don’t say: We entered into the classroom.
    Say: We entered the classroom.
    Note: We enter into a conversation, a debate, or a discussion.

  2. Finish ( = come to the end of)

    Don’t say: I’ve finished from my work.
    Say: I’ve finished my work.

  3. Behind ( = at the back of)

    Don’t say: Edward hid behind of a large tree.
    Say: Edward hid behind a large tree.

  4. Obey ( = act according to)

    Don’t say: We should  obey to our teachers.
    Say: We should obey our teachers.

  5. Approach ( = come near to)

    Don’t say: Don’t approach to that house.
    Say: Don’t approach that house.