10 Cụm từ với TIME – phần 2


10 Cụm từ với TIME – phần 2

  1. Time and (time) again: rất thường xuyên

Ex: I’ve told you time and time again – look before you cross the road.

  1. Time after time: lần này đến lần khác

Ex: Time after time she gets involved in relationships with the wrong men.

  1. In no time: rất nhanh

Ex: The kids ate their dinner in no time.

  1. Free/spare time: thời gian rảnh

Ex: In my spare time, I enjoy reading, painting, and cooking

  1. Have time: có thời gian

Ex: I don’t have time to go to the shops today.time-2

  1. For the time being: tạm thời

Ex: Leave the ironing for the time being – I’ll do it later.

  1. Stall for time: trì hoản, hoản lại (delay)

Ex: My son didn’t want to go to bed, so he tried to stall for time by asking me to read him another bedtime story.

  1. Pressed for time: không có nhiều thời gian (in a rush, in a hurry)

Ex: Sorry, I can’t talk at the moment – I’m a bit pressed for time. Can I call you back later?

  1. Spend time: dành thời gian làm gì

Ex: I spend a lot of time learning English

  1. Waste time: lãng phí thời gian

Ex: Stop wasting time playing computer games and get to work!