10 Cụm từ với TIME – phần 1


10 Cụm từ với TIME – phần 1

  1. Take your time: cứ từ từ/cứ bình tĩnh

Ex: “I like all of these computers. I’m not sure which one I want to buy yet.” – “That’s OK – take your time.

  1. On time: đúng giờ

Ex: It’s important to arrive on time for a job interview.

  1. Just in time: vừa kịp giờ/vừa kịp lúc

Ex: Hi, Henry! Have a seat – you got here just in time for dinner.

  1. It’s about time: đến lúc rồi (means “Finally!”)

Ex: It’s about time they fixed the air conditioner in my classroom! It’s been broken for 3 years!

  1. Run out of time: không có đủ thời gian để hoàn thành việc đang làm

Ex: I ran out of time and didn’t finish the last question.time-1

  1. Be (all) out of time: không có đủ thời gian

Ex: I’d like to continue this discussion but we’re all out of time.

  1. Time’s up: đã hết thời gian

Ex: OK, everyone, time’s up for this week.

  1. Have/Take time off: ngừng làm việc để làm gì đó khác, có thời gian rảnh rỗi

Ex: I asked my boss if I could have some time off (from work) to go to the dentist.

  1. No time to lose: không có thời gian để lãng phí

Ex: Come on, there’s no time to lose, we have to get home before John finds out.

  1. From time to time: thỉnh thoảng

Ex: From time to time I still think of her.